Sadly, for the last few decades cancer statistics have been on the rise with more and more people finding themselves victim to the terrible disease. The reason for this is our change in lifestyles through the years. Today we primarily consume food that has been processed and packed with chemicals and preservatives on a daily basis in order to make our lives easier as opposed to in past decades when food would not only be cooked at home but it would also be grown at home. It is not only the processed food we eat that is dangerous for our health but even when we buy whole foods, we find that they have been laden with chemicals. Chemicals and preservatives are almost an unavoidable part of our daily lives and sadly cancer statistics will only rise further if we do not make every effort to consume as much home grown or organic food as we can. Recently, the world health organization presented proof that bacon and other processed meats are cancer causing and yet, parents around the world continue to feed their child bacon, hot dogs and food from McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken which are detrimental to their health.
Healing practices being usedDue to the rising number of cancer patients today, doctors have begun using ancient methods of healing in addition to modern methods such as chemotherapy. Some of these older methods include fever therapy for cancer which has been known to be an effective cure in the past if done right. Other preventive and healing methods include following certain diets that avoid the consumption of certain carcinogenic foods while replacing them with wholesome healing food.
Hyperthermia fever has been proven to be an effective healing method. In fact fever therapy has been a known method of healing for a host of other illnesses as well such as syphilis and tuberculosis. Inducing fever as a cure for an illness is an ancient practice, whereas today fever is seen more as a symptom of an illness where modern doctors will give the patient medication in order to “cure” the fever. However, fever is not what needs to be cured but the illness itself as the fever develops as a natural reaction to fight the disease.
There are a number of methods of increasing the body’s temperature in order to induce fever. Some of the best known methods of doing so include saunas, steam baths and hot baths among other methods. However, when the temperature of the body rises by these means, it is not referred to as fever by medical professionals.

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Today’s busy life demands a lot from us. We have to balance work and life. On top of this, relationships are very complicated nowadays. Social media has an effect of networking everyone, friends and colleagues, although is it said that this trend is good; sometimes it may be depressing too. A few ways to tame your temper in this hectic life is as follows.

Change the way you think

The way we think affects our moods and way of life. If we think that everything will go wrong and we will fails in life, everything will go wrong and we will fail. Having a positive perception towards life is important to enjoy your life. If we think that everything will be all right and tell our selves that things will workout better next time, we will be more relaxed and less stressed. This will lead to a less stressed life.

Take a problem solving approach to life

Or approach to life has an impact on our mood swings and thinking patterns. If we just let whatever happens happen to our life, our life will be taken over by other people and their decisions. This will frustrate and stress us in the long run. Therefore taking control of our life and having a problem solving approach to life will reduce the stress and depression attached. This will lead to decreased temper and depression. If you are unable to have a problem solving approach to life and if you are always angry, the best thing to do is to seek help from professionals. There are more than enough anger management courses in Perth. Join one.

Improve your communication skills

The way you communicate has a major impact on your relationship with other people in your social cycle. The respect you have give to them and the way you behave effects your relationships. Improving the way you communicate in important to have a less complicated lifestyle. Try to avoid words such as “always”, “never” when you are communicating with others. When you say someone “You always do the same mistake, you are always like that”, it affects the way communicate and behave with you. This leads to complicated relationships. Therefore, improve your communication skills.

Use more humor in your day to day life

Try to incorporate humor to your day-to-day lifestyle. This is important to have a stress, temper free life style. As an example, if you have a colleague who makes your life difficult and hard and you are always judging and scolding him silently, use humor to manage your stress. Without saying it our and complaining and worrying, use your imagination and humor. If you are thinking of your colleague as a donkey, imagine him as a donkey, donkey working on a computer, donkey drinking coffee, this will tame your temper.


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