The brain only occupies 2% of the total human body matter but needs more than 20% of its oxygen. The disparity in the two figures is due to the fact that the brain is a very important part of the body. Research has only scratched the surface on the potential of the brain and the humans are barely there –they only use a portion of the brain matter. However, over the years medical practitioners have been able to use hypnosis in various treatments especially matters pertaining to the mind. The concept is the use of psychotherapy to achieve a total renewal of the body through the access of the mind.

Hypnotherapy weight loss Sydney has a backing of few medical practitioners albeit with its controversy. The proponents agree that the success in other forms of weight loss techniques can also be reciprocated through the same procedure. Far from the controversy involving this process some doctors still use it in weight loss procedures. Hypnosis gets the patient in a trance state and may not be overly linked with therapeutic purposes. When hypnosis finally takes shape over the patient they are expected to behave in a way they feel, behave incongruent with reality. Hypnosis should be confused with over imaginative idea found in arts and movie; it is not about mind control since patients are suppose to consent to be taken through the process.

 Hypnosis has been used for health and well being purposes but also with other conditions such as addiction to cigarettes and drugs, help to alleviate phobias, relieves headaches and anxieties. The process of hypnosis is used in subsequent steps in order to achieve the best results in weight loss. On the first day the hypnotherapy session will be focused on exploring the mind of the patient to curb cravings. Most people have a guilty pleasure food that is responsible for weight gain, it should be curbed.

On the second day of hypnosis, the focused will be on how to help the patient stop eating emotionally, many people who are overweight eat emotionally. Emotional eating is heightened by the stress, boredom, loneliness et cetera. The process of hypnosis through various techniques will help patients to be able to fight the urges to eat emotionally. The third day welcomes the hypnosis technique of helping a patient stop mindless eating. Once again overweight people are easily pulled into eating mindlessly, thus they are helped to overcome that too. The fourth day will be all about building motivation, the overweight nature may make a patient feel embarrassed about exercises which is then tackled through hypnosis.

A weight loss retreat that is all encompassing will involve the various traditional techniques or supplement through hypnotherapy. On the fifth day the psychotherapy will be focused on self sabotage, the mind does affect how overweight people view themselves. So the hypnosis helps them to stop the self sabotage that is detrimental to weight loss. On the sixth day it will be all about supercharging the patient to fell empowered about losing weight. Self esteem plays a crucial role in motivating a patient to get into a program so as to lose weight. Finally, the last step is all about taking stock of all the achievements you have made in the first few days. The confidence by now should be an all time high and thus a patient will be supercharged to share, feel and consequently lose weight more confidently.

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