What Does Living Healthy Mean?

Most people often think that eating less and staying slim is being healthy while some think that being quite on the fleshy end is healthy but in fact, being healthy cannot be simply defined by a size only. It’s true that being overweight is a sign of not being healthy and being underweight is also equally bad but the size is only one metric to defining that but being healthy is not only about being in good shape. I’m a born small made person and when I was small, I used to be quite thin and people thought I was having an eating disorder which I never had and at the time, I always felt like I wasn’t healthy enough but as I grew up, I realized that I had better stamina when it comes to sports like cycling and hiking although I was body shamed.

Body is just one part of being healthy and that requires a well-balanced meal and functional movement Hong Kong while to be called healthy, you should also be stable on your mind. Therefore, a healthy person is someone who’s balanced both physically and mentally. Now let’s look at how to be physically fit. Think of a plant, as you try to grow out a seed you make sure it grows on good soil which is enriched with the fertility that the seeds needs to grow on and then you will think whether it’s a place that the plant get enough sunlight plus watering it daily and keeping the roots hydrated enough to help it grow.

We are also like this plant that need daily intakes to grow and just like how a plant needs good things to grow out on, we also need a good intake to grow out to be healthy. It’s not about eating a lot or eating less, it’s about having more colour on your plate and less white; by colour I mean more vegetables, greens and meat. It’s very important to stick a good nutritional intake to help your fibre to grow stronger. The next thing for physical fitness is doing regular exercise, if you are a bit over weight or feel like you need more individualized attention, then you can switch into personal trainer fitness here which will be much effective.

Talking about mental health, living hundred percent stress free isn’t possible but try to keep your mind stable enough to handle pressure, you can do yoga, listen to soothing music, meditate or get into some hobby and improve concentration. The more positivity that you grow inside your head, the better your health turns out to be.

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