High blood pressure seems to be a problem many people face very commonly these days, that too all around the world. While it only used to be a problem that generally older people suffered with up to a few decades back, now it’s almost as common even among the young.

Harsh and brutal, mind bogglingly stressful work and careers seem to be the cause of most of these cases, while overweight and obesity is also a leading competitor.

Of course, high blood pressure can be stabilized very easily these days, so you needn’t really worry. But if having medicines (that may have a few side effects) isn’t really your cup of tea, then perhaps a few adjustments in your day-to-day life and routine may help you out.

What are those changes, you ask?

Read ahead to find out…!

Loosing numbers…

On the scale, of course! Try to lose weight if you feel you are overweight or leaning towards fat. Did you know that even 10 pounds more or less in weight can make a difference to your blood pressure? The weight that’s around your waist especially is what you need to concentrate about. Talk to your doctor and ask him the right weight you should maintain. Asking them about the right waist size you should try to achieve isn’t a bad idea either. Exercise regularly–even if you don’t think you’re over weight. A little exercise each day won’t cost you much, but will definitely improve your life, bit by bit.

Be serious on the relaxing part.

Being extremely stressed out can definitely have its effects on your health. Relax and try to take a day off once in a while. Try practicing yoga, meditation or even opt for a deep tissue massage once in a while.

While any massage in general will help you relax, recent research has found that the deep tissue massage especially is good for improving blood pressure. We do recommend that you consult your doctor about this before you set an appointment with your massage parlor, just to be on the safe side.

Be conscious about what you consume.

What you eat and drink too plays a huge part in regulating your blood pressure. Having a healthy diet is ideal. Try to eat at least one home-cooked meal (dinner and/or breakfast if you have to make a choice). Avoid eating food which have a high amount of sodium. Checking the label as you shop for low sodium foods is a good tip to avoid bringing home health endangering junk food. Avoid, or if possible, completely eliminate your alcohol consumption and smoking. Cutting back on the caffeine is also a good idea. 

In genera; try to maintain a balance with every aspect of your life.


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