Marriage counselling, or relationship counselling, is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. Melbourne is no different, with many couples trying counselling in order to try and save a failing relationship.

Marital problems can be caused by a number of reasons. These problems often start small and some would argue that these problems could be resolved early on through good communication before being allowed to escalate in to large problems which could potentially split up a relationship or marriage. It is often the case that one partner tries to communicate but the other partner becomes more and more reclusive when the issues are raised. Relationship counselling is very good for equaling the balance of communication.

The most common cause of stress on a relationship is unsurprisingly also the most common cause of stress on an individual, money worries. Whether one partner is too much of a spender or there simply isn’t enough money in the relationship to live comfortably, financial worries can easily cause big trouble to a relationship which would otherwise be a happy one.

Sexual problems can be a key offender when it comes to trouble in relationships and this includes internet pornography. A recent study in the USA shows that internet pornography is now one of the biggest causes of marital problems and there is a direct link between watching more pornography and having less sex with their spouse or partner. Another sex-related cause is not such a new development and is definitely more prominent in people’s minds when they think of relationship or marriage breakdowns, infidelity and trust issues. Cheating on a partner is not a new invention yet it is becoming more common as society does not shun cheaters quite as much as it would have even just fifty years ago. Unfortunately it happens sometimes and relationship counselling in Perth may be one way of rebuilding trust within a relationship.

Families are another element that can put stress on a relationship. Whether it is a new baby and the mother is suffering from postnatal depression or whether it is unruly teenagers driving their parents sick with worry, kids can unfortunately contribute to the breakdown of a marriage. Often it is different parenting styles that will cause conflict, with one parent being seen as “stricter” than the other. At the other end of the spectrum it can be the couple’s parents causing conflict. An individual’s parents and siblings can have a huge influence on their life and if they don’t approve of the other partner, be it for cultural, religious or personal reasons it is possible that they will drive the couple apart.

Melbourne is considered a modern city and up to date when it comes to treatments. This includes both physical and psychological treatments. It is no surprise that couples are turning to marriage counselling in Melbourne as a treatment for relationship problems. The goal of relationship counselling is to improve the two-way communication between both partners. If this leads to more happy couples and a more harmonious society in the city of Melbourne then it can only be a good thing.


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